In my new position at Aalto University, I will be starting a new line of research. Topics covered will be around business-society relations, employment relations and feminist organization studies. Stay tuned!

Earlier projects

I received funding from the Academy of Finland for my own postdoctoral research project called Neoliberalizing Welfare State Employment: Ideology, Institutional Agency, and Gendered Labour Market Outcomes . The project (2018-2022) focused on the gendered labour market outcomes of neoliberal labour market and policy reforms in Finland, such as the Competitiveness Pact, Social Services and Regional Government (SOTE) Reform and decentralization of the Finnish collective bargaining system. A newer addition to the project was studying the gendered labour market impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I was also involved in another Academy of Finland project called Gender and Power in Reconfigured Corporatist Finland (2016-2020), directed by Professor Johanna Kantola. The project explores the nexus between corporatism, power and gender and provides insights into the challenges that surround the tripartite cooperation between trade unions, employers’ organizations and the government.